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Whether manufacturing, industrial, corporate, healthcare or education, each company or organization has a diverse staff of Maintenance Technicians on hand to handle technical and equipment issues, address emergencies, and hopefully accomplish preventative maintenance on necessary systems. Depending on the industry, the Maintenance Technician must be a ‘jack of all trades’ and wear many hats during the average workday.  According to, their job objectives are diverse in nature:

“The maintenance technician position is responsible for performing highly diversified duties to install, troubleshoot, repair and maintain production and facility equipment according to safety, predictive and productive maintenance systems and processes to support the achievement of the site’s business goals and objectives.”

In a given day, the maintenance staff may be handling issues regarding electrical, HVAC, plumbing, machinery, communication equipment, safety regulations, even carpentry or cleaning. So, if there was an issue that required advanced skillsets, additional time and possibly even required certifications, the on-site staff may become overwhelmed and frustrated by the task, nor have the time to handle with focus and care since they are being pulled in so many directions.  At Comfort & Process Solutions, we have over 30 years’ experience in removing the stress and frustration from on-site employees, by working along with them on the heating and cooling repair and maintenance, thus helping them to focus on their other tasks more efficiently. How?

CPS Technicians are Experienced, Certified & Factory Trained

First, technicians and maintenance employees, are usually required to have a vast set of skills including manufacturing experience, hydraulic, pneumatic, mechanical and industrial skills with sometimes additional skillsets including programmable logic controller and HVAC experience. Most companies would not expect their maintenance staff to be an expert of all of these, but as said earlier a ‘jack-of-all’ trades prove to be more valuable in these positions. Therefore, when a complex or difficult-to-diagnose issue arises with the chillers, heating and air units, cooling towers, boilers, variant flow or geothermal units, your employees may be a loss to troubleshoot, much less begin to repair these items.

So instead of overwhelming your staff with tasks that will take them twice as long to accurately troubleshoot, locate replacement parts and repair, they can call our staff 24/7 for any issues. We have a two-hour response time to be on location to begin troubleshooting and diagnosing any heating or cooling issues. Our team is known for not only being responsive but ensure we complete any tasks we start in a timely fashion with continuous and open communication with our clients and your maintenance staff.  (See our Testimonials)

CPS offers Cost Effective Solutions to your Heating & Cooling Maintenance

A competent and hard-working maintenance staff are an asset to any company or organization as they keep vital systems running, maintain production and plant facility’s equipment, perform regular preventative maintenance on various machines, ensure compliance with safety regulations and keep the facility clean and orderly.  We have enjoyed long-term partnerships with many of the local industrial and manufacturing maintenance teams over the years and highly respect the work they do.

We also know there are various complex issues they are not trained and factory certified to complete, but hiring HVAC specialists or trained technicians in this specific field as employees will cost the company much more than utilizing the services of Comfort & Process Solutions.  Instead of paying the salary, benefit package, vacation time, retirement plan, and health insurance for just one HVAC trained employee, your company can save thousands of dollars and have 24/7 access to our entire team of trained, experienced and certified technicians.

CPS offers Continuing Education for our Factory Certified Technicians

If you do have an employee with specific heating and cooling training and certification, you still may need to hire an outside source because your employee may not have the time or the experience to handle specific issues. Here at Comfort & Process Solutions, we invest in our team with annual training classes and continuing education opportunities. They are also in the field continually learning and gaining experience of unique and more complex issues on the job as they assist our clients each day.  While your maintenance staff may have HVAC experience and training, they also have to be an all around fix-it handy man, so they may not be well versed with the ever-changing technology of boilers, chillers, compressor, pumps, dehumidification, HVAC, VRF, VRV, water source or geothermal units, and controls.

All our technicians have been thoroughly vetted, with background checks, required training and certifications, references and all are required to participate in consistent continuing education classes.

CPS offers Timely Responsive Solutions to your Commercial HVAC Needs

Another benefit to working with CPS is that our technicians are on-call 24 hours / 7 days / 365 days a year for our clients, with a two-hour response team to our contracted clients. When you call our facility after hours, you will never speak to an untrained operator or call service, but you will be speaking to one of our trained technicians on staff. This proven response time is especially valued by our clients in the educational (colleges, universities and school districts) and those in the healthcare industry (hospitals, clinics, and rehabilitation centers).

Transylvania University has contracted with CPS to replace a boiler, replace the cafeteria refrigeration system, install a roof top unit, install ventilation for a paint booth, and to do various repair jobs. In each case, we received timely, professional work and were very satisfied with the end results.” – Director of Physical Plant, Transylvania University

We could not have been any more pleased than we were with CPS. They kept us informed of progress, sent us daily logs of work/time and responded immediately to all our questions. I feel confident in recommending CPS and feel that you will be very happy with their outstanding level of customer service and expert work.” – Maintenance Technician, Barren County Schools

*Over our 30+ years in business, we have worked with many school districts of Kentucky’s 120 counties and have developed great relationships with their maintenance staff and have lots of good feedback regarding our responsive approach.

“I have worked with CPS on my chiller repairs/replacement/installs, HVAC repairs/replacements/installs and other services with great satisfaction.  The people are responsive, professional and very knowledgeable in their profession.  I wouldn’t hesitate to refer them to anyone in need of the services they provide.” – Director Plant Operations, Georgetown Community Hospital

CPS Prevents Stress & Frustration of Unnecessary Downtime

Often, when we are called in to address a heating or cooling malfunction, the on-site maintenance technician has already spent days or many hours trying to troubleshoot and resolve on their own, which is only causing him or her unneeded frustration and wasted hours that could have been spent on the long list of responsibilities in their inbox. CPS’s mission is to take the stress out our client’s and their staff’s jobs, as well as make the maintenance technician look good by fixing the issue without overwhelming them or wasting their valuable time. We enjoy working closely with our client’s maintenance technicians and value their opinion and input, as they understand the facility’s equipment, symptoms and any on-going issues better than anyone. With their feedback and our expertise, we develop a partnership to keep your business’s process running efficiently and the comfort level consistent.

Ongoing and offsite response is offered through our Commercial Controls program.  In that regard, CPS has over 13 years’ experience offering their commercial clients an added benefit by providing Commercial and Industrial Controls, including installation, programming, monitoring and training. Control technology integrates every aspect of the building from the security systems, locks, lighting, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC), refrigeration (HVACR), energy management, and fire protection. After professional installation, our technicians work closely with the company’s staff or property manager to find the optimal settings for your specific business or production needs.

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School is now in session and the Summer heat and humidity lingers on, so this is a great time to discuss our commercial HVAC solutions for your school or organization, including our Preventative Maintenance programs.  Get started today and contact us to schedule an appointment to discuss your facility’s needs. Our customer-oriented staff and technicians are ready to help you.


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