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Keeping your Business Running Safely and Efficiently this Spring with Comfort & Process Solutions

Schedule your Spring Preventative Maintenance Now

While it may seem premature to talk about preparing our chillers and air conditioning units for the upcoming Spring and Summer season, this is actually the perfect time to schedule your Spring Preventative Maintenance with your commercial HVAC service provider.  At Comfort & Process Solutions, we focus on educating our clients throughout the year to ensure they are prepared for whatever the upcoming season’s often turbulent weather patterns have to throw at us.  And despite the ice and snow on the ground, we are busy scheduling and conducting our PM for our Kentucky clients’ industrial and commercial chillers and air conditioners. Read More “Keeping your Business Running Safely and Efficiently this Spring with Comfort & Process Solutions”

Winter Proof your Business with Comfort & Process Solutions

Winter can be a brutal time of year, not just on ourselves as we fight the cold weather while running errands, shopping, walking our dogs or doing just about anything outside, but it can also be a huge strain on our HVAC systems.  Commercial and Industrial HVAC systems tend to run around the clock so the strain can equate to a greater loss as it can interrupt your business’ ability to operate.  In the industrial environment, the process of heating and cooling is utilized in various types of manufacturing  including washing, cooking, sterilizing, drying, preheating of boiler feed water, process heating, and much more. Read More “Winter Proof your Business with Comfort & Process Solutions”

Get Ready for the Fall and Winter of 2020 with Comfort & Process Solutions

2020 has been a year like no other, with a great many changes in the way we work, learn, shop and gather with friends and family.  Safety and prevention of spread is now a primary concern for everyone, including businesses and organizations who open their doors to staff, customers, patients and students.   As Fall and Winter approaches, and the weather temperatures drop, most of us tend to spend 90% of our time indoors.  Spending that much time indoors can cause a host of problems for those with allergies and lung or respiratory disorders.  Why? According to the EPA, “indoor air can be as much as 5 times more polluted than outdoor air”.  And the Fall and Winter months will not bring relief when it comes to the pandemic.

“The cold in northern parts of America will push people back inside, where the virus has a much easier time spreading than the outdoors. Families and friends will come together for the holidays. A flu season could strain the health care system further.”


Read More “Get Ready for the Fall and Winter of 2020 with Comfort & Process Solutions”

Improving Comfort (temperature) and Process (functionality) for your Business during the Summer Heat

Summer officially started on Saturday, June 20, 2020.  But as most Kentuckians know, Summer temperatures usually arrive in May and usually extend to late September, sometimes longer.  That means commercial and industrial cooling systems are extended as well as their Chillers and Cooling Towers are running continually for months for those using their systems for the comfort for their staff, customers, students and patients;  and cooling systems used for process (whether for manufacturing or industrial plants) are in use all year round. Read More “Improving Comfort (temperature) and Process (functionality) for your Business during the Summer Heat”

We’re Open for Business & Using this Time Wisely to Serve our Customers

We are Team Kentucky #teamkentucky

First of all, the staff at Comfort & Process Solutions want to send our hearts and prayers to all of those who have been affected by the Coronavirus and our condolences to the families who have lost a loved one. We also want to send a shout of praise for those on the frontlines who put themselves at risk to care for the community and those affected by COVID-19, including healthcare professionals, nursing homes staff, first responders, police officers and firefighters.  And a big thanks to all of those who are providing essential services and products:  for all the staff working at grocery stores, pharmacies, gas stations, banks, as well as service providers and retail stores staff who are providing much needed food, medicine, products and services. You are all our heros!  #teamkentucky  #wearehereforyou #wereinthistogether

Read More “We’re Open for Business & Using this Time Wisely to Serve our Customers”

Get Ready for the Summer Heat NOW with our Spring Preventative Maintenance Program

It seems a bit too early to be talking about Spring or even Summer weather when the temperatures are still hovering in the 30-40’s this week and talk of possible flurries in the forecast, but here in the Bluegrass, everyone knows how quickly the weather can change.

“Welcome to Kentucky, the only state where you’ll wear shorts one day and a snow suit the next.”

While it doesn’t seem possible now, within just a few weeks’ time, our commercial clients will need to turn on and utilize their cooling systems, after months of inactivity.  To ensure functionality and efficiency when needed, our Cooling Preventative Maintenance includes a tune-up, testing and troubleshooting of the following:

Read More “Get Ready for the Summer Heat NOW with our Spring Preventative Maintenance Program”

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays – Thank You to all of our CPS Customers

Thanks to our Customers …

The staff at Comfort and Process Solutions would like to wish all of our customers a very happy holidays as well as a big thank you for your business, your loyalty and your many referrals over the years.  You are the reason we continue to improve our services, grow our team, build new partnerships and continue our focus on timely, quality repairs, replacement and maintenance of your commercial HVAC systems. Read More “Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays – Thank You to all of our CPS Customers”

Supplement your Maintenance Staff with Comfort & Process Solutions

Whether manufacturing, industrial, corporate, healthcare or education, each company or organization has a diverse staff of Maintenance Technicians on hand to handle technical and equipment issues, address emergencies, and hopefully accomplish preventative maintenance on necessary systems. Depending on the industry, the Maintenance Technician must be a ‘jack of all trades’ and wear many hats during the average workday.  According to, their job objectives are diverse in nature:

“The maintenance technician position is responsible for performing highly diversified duties to install, troubleshoot, repair and maintain production and facility equipment according to safety, predictive and productive maintenance systems and processes to support the achievement of the site’s business goals and objectives.”

Read More “Supplement your Maintenance Staff with Comfort & Process Solutions”

Get Ready for the Summer Heat in the Bluegrass

Is your Cooling System Ready for the Summer Heat?

It’s Summer in the Bluegrass and the increasing temperatures and humidity are having businesses turning up their cooling systems, often running  their systems twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.  An inefficient or damaged air conditioning system in the heat of Summer can result in uncomfortable working conditions which can lead to less productivity of your staff or worse yet a temporary shutdown of your business.  A breakdown in a manufacturing cooling system can lead to a full factory shutdown to ensure the safety of your staff, as well as prevent damage to your equipment and property, which can also lead to a significant loss of production. Read More “Get Ready for the Summer Heat in the Bluegrass”

Get ready for the HEAT with a Preseason Cooling System Preventative Maintenance

We can still feel the chill in the air in the mornings here in the Bluegrass, but as any true Kentuckian knows, “If you don’t like the weather, wait five minutes and it will change.”  In just a few weeks, or even days, we know we’ll be sweating out the warmer weather.  When it comes to business owners, property managers, school and organization maintenance supervisors, they understand the importance of a properly and efficiently functioning cooling system for the comfort of the staff, students, patients,  and reliable process cooling for product manufacturing, as well as the overall operation of the facility. Read More “Get ready for the HEAT with a Preseason Cooling System Preventative Maintenance”

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