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Get Ready for the Summer Heat NOW with our Spring Preventative Maintenance Program

It seems a bit too early to be talking about Spring or even Summer weather when the temperatures are still hovering in the 30-40’s this week and talk of possible flurries in the forecast, but here in the Bluegrass, everyone knows how quickly the weather can change.

“Welcome to Kentucky, the only state where you’ll wear shorts one day and a snow suit the next.”

While it doesn’t seem possible now, within just a few weeks’ time, our commercial clients will need to turn on and utilize their cooling systems, after months of inactivity.  To ensure functionality and efficiency when needed, our Cooling Preventative Maintenance includes a tune-up, testing and troubleshooting of the following:

  • Tune up of the Cooling Towers
  • Rodding out the Chiller Barrel
  • Cleaning, greasing and replacing belts
  • Inspect and clean steam traps
  • Inspect backflow preventer
  • Inspect coils on rooftop equipment for grime, buildup or cracks
  • Inspect drift eliminators for proper positioning and scale build
  • Physically clean the screen of all debris.
  • Check for excessive vibration in motors, fans, and pumps.
  • Check for loose fill, connections, leaks, rust, corrosion, etc.
  • Check all belts, pulleys, nozzles and bearings – clean and adjust as needed.
  • For an open cooling tower, test the water for proper concentrations of dissolved solids and chemistry.
  • Inspect fan blades for any cracks, erosion or buildup of debris.
  • Check gears, strains and bottom for corrosion, rust or buildup.
  • Inspect and address any issues with the electrical system, including contacts, and motors
  • Check levels of refrigerant and supplement if needed.

Why should you schedule your Spring PM now?

First of all, the system is currently not in use with the colder temperatures, so this is the perfect time to fully inspect, clean, and replace any parts while the system is already shut down.  If you wait when the temperatures and humidity start to climb, your system will have to be shut down and out of use when you, your staff and your production lines need the cooling system. This could result in downtime of production, as well as temporary discomfort for your staff, customers, student body and patients (in the healthcare industry).

Second, if there are parts or even entire systems that need to be ordered, replaced and installed, this gives our staff the needed time to await the shipping of your items, which could take several days to several weeks, depending on the specialty of the item and the size of the equipment that is needed. This gives our staff sufficient time to make the needed repairs and replacement well before the equipment will be needed to cool the air.

Another reason to have regular scheduled PMs through the year or at least annually, is it ensures your equipment is running at the highest efficiency which provides a significant savings in energy costs.  When the parts and equipment are clean, the system is going to run cleaner, safer, more efficiently and use less energy. If there is a buildup of grime or debris anywhere in the cooling system, the process of cooling is going to take longer and use a great deal more energy.

CASE STUDY:  One of our local industrial clients came to us after years of requiring their boiler system needing to be rebuilt at least once a year, costing the company thousands of dollars and loss of production time during shutdown.  After several years of this excessive cost with other HVAC companies, they called Comfort & Process Solutions.  Instead of rebuilding the system again, our staff began to investigate why this was happening, and what was causing the chiller to fail each year.  Our staff realized that a repair would be futile if we first did not determine the cause and prevent another costly rebuild.   The company’s manager had replied, “No one has ever asked us why this happening before.”  That is the CPS difference … we have the knowledge, training, certifications and over 30 years of field experience in commercial and industrial HVAC to not only repair but prevent further breakdowns.

Sign up for the Comfort & Process Solution’s Preventative Maintenance Program

If you have signed up for the Comfort & Process Solution’s PM annual contract, then our staff will automatically call you to schedule your next PM.  Business owners and their staff are already inundated with daily tasks and maintenance of running their business, they will often forget or neglect their cooling systems especially when not in use or when everything seems to be running fine.  The advantage of our PM contract, is that our clients will be sent either a postcard or receive a phone call to schedule an appointment at their convenience.  No need to worry or stress, we will keep our records up to date so we know when your next PM should be scheduled.

PM for Schools, Colleges & Universities

Comfort & Process Solutions has been serving the heating and cooling needs of many of the local school districts in Kentucky, so we understand the specialized needs and state requirements of keeping their systems running efficiently, safely and the high priority of providing comfort to the faculty and students throughout the school year.  That is why it’s imperative that schools, colleges and universities should be scheduling a full check and maintenance of their cooling system now, as the chillers and coolers are not currently in use.  Avoid the shutdown later and call our staff today.

PM for Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities

For over 20 years, CPS has been providing industrial and commercial HVAC service to Kentucky, with an improved focus on customer service, an expanded team of certified, factory trained team and a renewed commitment to keep your business up and running 24 hours, 7 days a week.  Our round-the-clock care is especially vital for our clients in the healthcare industry including hospitals, clinics, rehabilitation facilities, and senior care living centers. When it comes to patient care and comfort, CPS understands and prioritizes the heating and cooling needs of these organizations.

When it comes to hospitals, the heating and cooling needs are year-round, regardless of the weather, as they need heat and hot water to sterilize, optimal temperatures for the comfort of the patients and staff, and air quality control is needed for precise air-exchange, humidity and temperature to minimize the risk of infection for patients.

For example, when inspecting and maintaining hospital cooling system, we conduct a steam trap survey to check compensation return, and efficient use of the feed water system.  A steam trap is a device used to discharge condensates and non-condensable gases with a negligible consumption or loss of live steam. The steam traps use automatic valves that open, close and modulate the expenditure of steam, water cooling and reuse of the cooled, treated water.  We also ensure that the backflow preventer is functioning to ensure that the pressure and back-syphoning is preventing water from being released into the ground water or plumbing system of the building.

An efficiently running system will ensure that 98% of the water is reused, rather than evaporated into the atmosphere or accidentally leaked into the drinking water.  For the water to be reused, it has to be clean without need to be retreated before it reenters the system, otherwise the debris in the water would impair the process, and eventually cause system failure.

“Steam traps should be checked regularly, as they can make or break your system’s functionality and lifespan, and if maintained, it could save your business thousands of dollars.” – Jeff Fristoe

With over 20 years in business, we have a team of vetted technicians who are R-Stamp Certified, experienced, certified and factory trained. We are on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week to keep your business up and running, providing service and repair for:

  • Chillers & Boilers
  • Roof Top Units
  • Make Up Air Units
  • Cooling Towers
  • De-humidification & Humidification
  • Burners & Ovens
  • Fans & Compressors
  • Geothermal
  • Server Room Conditioning
  • Pumps, Piping and Plumbing
  • VRF Systems
  • Tube & Vessel Repair
  • R-Stamp Certified

Call CPS today for an initial consultation with our management team to assess your need and development a PM program that works for your business.



Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays – Thank You to all of our CPS Customers

Thanks to our Customers …

The staff at Comfort and Process Solutions would like to wish all of our customers a very happy holidays as well as a big thank you for your business, your loyalty and your many referrals over the years.  You are the reason we continue to improve our services, grow our team, build new partnerships and continue our focus on timely, quality repairs, replacement and maintenance of your commercial HVAC systems.

We want to thank all of our clients who were kind enough to leave a positive review of their experience with CPS or for those who referred us to their colleagues and friends. In 2019, many of our new or first-time clients were referred to us by our existing customers. In the last four years, since Ted Reynolds and Jeff Fristoe took over the ownership of CPS, our business has grown so much that we needed to move to a larger facility in March of this year.   Our new location offers a larger storage facility with equipment yard to store your commercial HVAC parts and equipment, more parking and larger garage for storage and maintenance of our fleet of vehicles, and increased office space so our team can work more efficiently and increase our staff.

As we look over 2019, we are thankful for a busy year where we have served the following Kentucky Counties from east as far as West Virginia and as west as Indiana:

  • Lexington in Fayette County
  • Bowling Green in Warren County
  • Floyd County
  • Madison County
  • Floyd County
  • Breathitt County
  • Pike County
  • Lee County
  • Martin County
  • Boyd County
  • Louis County
  • Lawrence County
  • Kenton County
  • Mason County
  • Boone County
  • Clinton County
  • Garrard County
  • Bourbon County
  • Scott County
  • Franklin County
  • Simpson County
  • Allen County
  • Logan County
  • Meade County
  • Whitley County
  • Laurel County, and more.

We are located in Lexington KY (our new location is 124 Trade Street, Lexington, KY 40511) but we serve our commercial and industrial clients in all 120 Kentucky counties.

CPS can Reduce your Stress during the Holidays and End of the Year

This is the time of the year that many company and organization’s staff are often out of the office, taking time off for family and friends or vacationing out of town for the holiday season. With less staff on hand, the stress levels can go way up if there is an HVAC, Chiller or Boiler emergency and no one with the expertise on site to troubleshoot.  There is no need to worry as CPS is here to help fill in the voids left by vital staff that are away during the holidays.

Since Christmas time doesn’t mean a holiday from breakdowns, our experienced, certified and factory-trained technicians are ready to respond to your immediate service need’s, new installations, preventative maintenance, troubleshooting, analytics, controls, service and repair or design and build.

This is the most wonderful time of the year to get your Boilers tuned and inspected.  In addition to the National Boiler Codes requirements for commercial and industrial boilers, your boilers should be tuned to ensure they are firing at optimal efficiency and safeties are working properly. Not only is this good business practice for the safety of your employees and the longevity of your equipment but the cost-savings of your energy expenditures throughout the year. (More information.)

We service the following brands of Boilers: AO Smith, Bryan, Cleaver-Brooks, H.B. Smith, Hurst, Kewanee, Lochinvar, Laars, Peerless, PVI, Sellers, Superior, Weil-McLain and more.  So give our staff a call with any of your Boiler questions, issues or preventative maintenance needs.

CPS’ End of the Year HVAC Checklist

Make your New Years’ Resolution for your business with energy saving, less breakdowns and reduced stress!  For your convenience, here is our end of year checklist for your business:

  1. Is your current preventative maintenance (PM) program serving your needs? Or more importantly, do you have a contract for preventative maintenance?  It’s never too late or too early to start a PM program, regardless of how new or how old your equipment is. Let’s start the new year out right, by setting up a PM program with a reputable, trusted local Commercial & Industrial HVAC company (like CPS!).  A PM program provides peace of mind for you and your maintenance staff with energy savings, reduction of untimely breakdowns, longevity of equipment, compliance of state and national codes, and increased efficiency of output.
  2. Do you need to upgrade your commercial controls system? Controls provide an integrated system of hardware, technology and programming to automate the functionality of the company’s buildings, factories and offices.  Control technology integrates every aspect of the building from the security systems, locks, lighting, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC), refrigeration (HVACR), energy management, and fire protection. Rather than use proprietary controls, where only your controls’ brand manufacturer’s approved technicians can service, set, reset and manage, it may be time to consider Open Protocols. CPS offers Open Protocols controls that can be installed by our staff so that any one you choose can service, update and manage whether that is our staff, our technicians and whomever else you want to have access to manage. This way, you have increased freedom and more choices on determining your controls levels, troubleshooting, administrative access and who you’d like to manage your controls, whether it be a specific manufacturer of your controls system or your chosen service company.
  3. Is it time to upgrade your system? Now is the time to start planning on your energy, heating, cooling and dehumidification needs for your business in the Spring and Summer of next year.   Why? It can take approximately 4-6 weeks (even 6-8 weeks for certain brands) or longer to receive commercial or industrial HVAC equipment for your business so plan for two to three months’ lead time to design & build, order, install and troubleshoot your new systems.  Thus, it’s never too early to contact CPS to plan for your Spring time projects including new equipment installs of chillers and cooling towers. For example, school systems and universities should be ordering now for cooling system installations so that our technicians can complete the projects during Summer recess, causing less disruption and improved comfort when students and faculty return to class in the Fall.

Comfort & Process Solutions, your Trusted Partner Any Time of the Year

At CPS, customer service is our priority, we have an excellent record of responding to emergencies all times of the day and night and weekends. Our partners, Ted and Jeff, have over 30 + years’ experience in the commercial HVAC industry, and they have a very hands-on approach when it comes to managing our technicians and assisting our clients.

CPS is exclusive to commercial and industrial customers in Kentucky, which means our focus, our training and our three decades of experience are concentrated on commercial and industrial equipment and brands including Chillers, Roof-top units, Cooling towers, Boilers, Water Source and Geothermal units, Variant Refrigerant Flow technology, Compressors and Pumps, Dehumidification units, HVAC/R Controls, and Make Up Air units. We understand the cooling, heating and pipping needs for industrial factories, hospitals, school systems, universities, prisons, government facilities and any commercial spaces in the Commonwealth of KY.  Our reputation since 1999 is proven by our numerous testimonials (see our feedback) including a recent very honest review from our client, Fred:

If y’all weren’t so darn good, you wouldn’t get our business, but your guys are so good and I can trust them – that means a great deal.” – Fred Ulshafer, of Bluegrass Station at Avon, Kentucky

Comfort & Process Solutions works hard to provide the highest quality service, with solutions in the least amount of time, and with the technicians who are required to conduct on-going factory training and certifications.   Our skilled team of equipment and controls technicians are on-call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for all of your HVAC needs.

We provide service and maintenance for all HVAC equipment. From VRF systems, rooftop units, boilers, chillers and fans, piping, refrigeration service, controls, -R- Stamp repairs to design & build,  we are here to help. Give us a call for a job site evaluation of existing equipment, controls, new install and/or replacement of equipment.

Supplement your Maintenance Staff with Comfort & Process Solutions

Whether manufacturing, industrial, corporate, healthcare or education, each company or organization has a diverse staff of Maintenance Technicians on hand to handle technical and equipment issues, address emergencies, and hopefully accomplish preventative maintenance on necessary systems. Depending on the industry, the Maintenance Technician must be a ‘jack of all trades’ and wear many hats during the average workday.  According to, their job objectives are diverse in nature:

“The maintenance technician position is responsible for performing highly diversified duties to install, troubleshoot, repair and maintain production and facility equipment according to safety, predictive and productive maintenance systems and processes to support the achievement of the site’s business goals and objectives.”

Read More “Supplement your Maintenance Staff with Comfort & Process Solutions”

Get Ready for the Summer Heat in the Bluegrass

Is your Cooling System Ready for the Summer Heat?

It’s Summer in the Bluegrass and the increasing temperatures and humidity are having businesses turning up their cooling systems, often running  their systems twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.  An inefficient or damaged air conditioning system in the heat of Summer can result in uncomfortable working conditions which can lead to less productivity of your staff or worse yet a temporary shutdown of your business.  A breakdown in a manufacturing cooling system can lead to a full factory shutdown to ensure the safety of your staff, as well as prevent damage to your equipment and property, which can also lead to a significant loss of production. Read More “Get Ready for the Summer Heat in the Bluegrass”

Get ready for the HEAT with a Preseason Cooling System Preventative Maintenance

We can still feel the chill in the air in the mornings here in the Bluegrass, but as any true Kentuckian knows, “If you don’t like the weather, wait five minutes and it will change.”  In just a few weeks, or even days, we know we’ll be sweating out the warmer weather.  When it comes to business owners, property managers, school and organization maintenance supervisors, they understand the importance of a properly and efficiently functioning cooling system for the comfort of the staff, students, patients,  and reliable process cooling for product manufacturing, as well as the overall operation of the facility. Read More “Get ready for the HEAT with a Preseason Cooling System Preventative Maintenance”

It’s that Time of the Year … to Schedule your Cooling Towers & Chillers Preventative Maintenance

The holiday season has passed, but the freezing temperatures are still here reminding us that Spring is still a few months away.  We hope that the famous groundhog, Punxsutawney Phil, will not see his shadow on February 2nd but if he does, it gives our commercial and industrial clients six more weeks to get ready for the warmer weather.  Mid-January to mid-February is the perfect time to call Comfort & Process Solutions to schedule your Preventative Maintenance (PM) for your Cooling Towers and Chillers. Read More “It’s that Time of the Year … to Schedule your Cooling Towers & Chillers Preventative Maintenance”

Commercial Boiler Inspections & Preventative Maintenance Keeps Your Business Running

Commercial boilers are pressurized systems that burn combustible fuel or use electricity to heat water that is used to provide heating in your building or for process. Some types of boilers use the hot water itself, while others heat and convert the water to steam.

Depending on your company’s product and processes, commercial boilers can be used for heating but also for production and manufacturing. There are four main types of boilers: Read More “Commercial Boiler Inspections & Preventative Maintenance Keeps Your Business Running”

Dehumidification Control for Commercial Facilities

What is Dehumidification?

During these dog days of summer, as we beat the heat and humidity, we thought it would be a good time to talk about Dehumidification in Commercial HVAC systems. Dehumidification is the process in which moisture or water vapor is removed from the air keeping the DB (dry bulb) temperature constant. Dehumidification is a psychometric process, which includes dehumidification during the heating or cooling process. Since we’re in mid-August, let’s discuss the cooling process specifically, which is obtained when the air is pushed through and over coil where either the cool refrigerant, chilled water or cooled gas is passed. Now that the air is cooled, how is it dehumidified? Read More “Dehumidification Control for Commercial Facilities”

How Controls Create Effective Comfort & Process for your Business

Comfort and Process Solutions of Central Kentucky goes beyond Commercial HVAC but also focus on improving your company’s comfort and process.  In that regard, CPS has over 12 years’ experience offering  their commercial clients an added benefit by providing Commercial and Industrial Controls, including installation, programming, monitoring and training. Read More “How Controls Create Effective Comfort & Process for your Business”

Energy Efficient HVAC Systems for your Business

How Energy Efficiency can Benefit your Business

Governments across emerging markets are working to improve energy efficiency and reduce domestic energy consumption. Businesses of all sizes and industries likewise, are making changes to their processes to conserve energy and in turn reduce costs.  Whether it’s keeping the lights on, maintaining comfortable temperatures for your staff, using various processes to run a production line … energy keeps our businesses running.

When your business or government organization makes effort to become more energy efficient, the following benefits can be attained: Read More “Energy Efficient HVAC Systems for your Business”

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