Get Ready for the Summer Heat in the Bluegrass

Is your Cooling System Ready for the Summer Heat?

It’s Summer in the Bluegrass and the increasing temperatures and humidity are having businesses turning up their cooling systems, often running  their systems twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.  An inefficient or damaged air conditioning system in the heat of Summer can result in uncomfortable working conditions which can lead to less productivity of your staff or worse yet a temporary shutdown of your business.  A breakdown in a manufacturing cooling system can lead to a full factory shutdown to ensure the safety of your staff, as well as prevent damage to your equipment and property, which can also lead to a significant loss of production.

Q: How do you prevent a cooling system breakdown?

A: Call Comfort & Process Solutions. We offer our clients several avenues of breakdown prevention with annual and semi-annual inspections of teardowns of your systems. We also offer control systems to our commercial heating and cooling systems so our staff can monitor, regulate and detect issues remotely.

CASE STUDY:  In a recent Preventative Maintenance for a local school system, CPS discovered a cooling tower issue, that was inhibiting flow and resulting in inefficiency of the system’s functionality and increased energy costs. Within a few days, during the student body’s vacation, we were able to conduct a complete shut down of the cooling system, teardown and replacement of needed parts.


“I am writing to recommend the services of CPS – Comfort & Process Solutions, Lexington KY. CPS most recently completed a job to remove and replace the HVAC system that was in place in the offices library of Barren County Middle School. From the initial planning stage to the call to let us know when they would complete the project and leave the site, we could not have been any more pleased than we were with CPS. They kept us informed of progress, sent us daily logs of work/time and responded immediately to all our questions. I feel confident in recommending CPS and feel that you will be very happy with their outstanding level of customer service and expert work.” – Jeff McGuire, Maintenance Technician, Barren County Schools, Region 4 KSPMA Director.

This is the Season of Commercial Boiler Preventative Maintenance & Teardowns

During the brink of Summer, no one wants to talk about getting ready for Winter but preparing now can save you time, money, stress and prevent production downtime.  A commercial boiler teardown is the process of shutting down and then disassembling the system to identify any issues with component parts, chip & system functionality, for a thorough cleaning, repair or replacement.

Q:  Why should you schedule your Boiler system teardown now?

A:  Waiting until the Fall when the system will be needed within a few weeks is foolhardy and similar to rolling the dice on your upcoming commercial season. If our system teardown discovers that components or even whole systems need to be replaced, it could take four to six weeks to receive parts depending on the item. If that is the case, we have plenty to time to get your system up and running for the colder weather, if this diagnosis is made in May to June.

Commercial boilers are a primary source of energy costs for any facility. A system that is running inefficiently can cause a rise in energy costs, reduction in production, and decrease in fuel use efficiency. For example, if the burner of your boiler is not tuned up and clean, there will not be enough oxygen present, generating soot, smoke and carbon monoxide, which all can be dangerous to you and your staff. Hence, the Boiler Preventative Maintenance is essential to keeping your energy footprint and expenses down. To ensure your system is running safely and efficiently, our  Preventative Maintenance boiler teardowns include inspection, cleaning, repair and replacement of parts including but not limited to:

  • Before & After Boiler Maintenance

    Air pressure switches

  • Blowdown valves
  • Boiler gaskets
  • Boiler sight glass and valves
  • Flame safeguards
  • Fuel oil valves
  • Gas pressure switches
  • Gas regulators and valves
  • Ignitors and ignition transformers
  • Modulating motors
  • Gauges and thermometers
  • Modulating feedwater valves
  • Boiler pressure and temperature controls
  • Relief valves
  • Pressure reducing and temperature control valves
  • Water level controls

Q:  Are Preventative Maintenance on my commercial boiler necessary? If so, how often?

A: Certified State Inspections of Steam Boilers are required by Kentucky law at least once per year, Water Boilers are required at least once every two years. To ensure your system is compliant according to state regulations and insurance requirements, call Comfort and Process Solution to schedule your Boiler PM (Preventative Maintenance) today. For more information of the process, checklist, safety and compliance, please read our article, “Commercial Boiler Inspections & Preventative Maintenance Keeps Your Business Running”.

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